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About Us

Founded in 1964, Everbrightis now the avant-garde of fire safety products in Malaysia. Everbright leverages its history, the experience of its employees and its technical know-how. 


Everbright’s sales and marketing division is led by a team of responsive customer service personnel who are equipped with advanced technical knowledge of the products and are able to provide comprehensive service to its customers at all times.The proliferation of Everbright products throughout the country attests to its quality and long-standing value of its products to customers.

Alarm Bell

Model: 24VDC Fire Alarm – Motorize Bell

  • Low current consumption
  • Made of aluminum alloy gong, assurance of higher and clearer sound output
  • Polarized bell suitable for both conventional and addressable fire alarm system 

Emergency Light

Model: 8 Watt Emergency Light – Surface mounting

  • Polycarbonate housing to prevent corrosion and rust
  • 8 Watt fluorescent tube
  • Minimum 3 hours emergency operation
  • Momentary test switch
  • Suitable for ceiling and wall installation
  • Red LED to indicate main available and battery charging

LED Exit Sign

Model: LED Exit Sign (Double Faced)

  • Utilities of 80% less energy
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Even light illumination sign
  • LED lifetime of 25 years
  • Superbright LED Light Source
  • Double Faced, Ceiling Mounting
  • Ultra slim profile, only 43mm Width
  • Wording are available in Red or Green

Lightning Surge Protector

Model: Lightning Surge Protector for Telephone Line

  • Suitable for normal domestic voltage of 240VAC
  • Gas filled surge arrester is used for communication protection
  • Two 0.5 Amp fuses added for 100% protection against lightning surge
  • Reset automatically
  • Maintenance free

Electronic Sounder

Model: 12 VDC Electronic Sounder

  • 3 Sound Options: Pulse, Continuous or Warble
  • Low current consumption
  • 100dB sound output
  • Volume control to suit application

Fire Detectors

Model: Photoelectric Smoke Detector

  • Suitable for fairly stable temperature environment
  • Highly reliable and accurate
  • Advance detection and discrimination algorithms
  • Durable sensor head, no need for replacement
  • SMD circuit board design
  • EN-54 Approved
  • One year limit warranty

LED Bulb

Model: Super Bright LED Bulb Type S

  • LED lifetime of 25 years
  • Utilities of 80% less energy
  • Suitable for any application required light sources from all direction example machine signal tower light & etc
  • Mounting base are available in E9, E12, BA15S, BA15D& BA9S base

Manual Call Point

Model: Fire Manual Call Point

  • Insert key for testing
  • Hand push to break glass during emergency
  • Marking on glass – Arrow
  • UV protection added with red colour pigment
  • Optional LED to indicate glass break
  • Optional 470 ohm built – in resistor
  • Optional weather resistance gasket

LED Obstruction Light

Model: 240 VAC Dual Low Intensity Red LED Obstruction Light

  • High energy efficient, which make it suitable for solar power system
  • Minimum peak effective intensity of 33 candela
  • GE Polycarbonate material was used for the transparent luminaries to prevent get faded due to UV radiation of sun
  • 5 year manufacture warranty

Strobe Light

Model: 24 VDC Xenon Strobe Light

  • High – diffusion translucent cover provide high visibility from any direction
  • Enhance optical design ensure maximum light output
  • Suitable for any location where vision annunciation of an emergency is required
  • Suitable for both industrial and home applications & Fire Alarm System

Photelectric Control

Model: Photelectric Control

  • Meet FAA requirements for aviation obstruction lighting
  • MOV (Mercury Oxide Varistor) surge protection 320J/13000amp
  • Turn ON / Turn OFF : 35 foot candles ON; 58 foot candle turn OFF
  • Resistance to weather, corrosion, shock and vibration
  • Time delay: 2-5 second turn off delay